Stainless Steel Oscillating Wound Banding

Oscillating Wound Strapping

Oscillating Wound banding, like Ribbon Wound coils, this kind of package applies to fixing or fastening of big size objects. The difference of the two, is that Oscillating Wound coils can be even larger or heavier, could be double or 3 times of Ribbon Wound coils, and banding in this kind of package does not bounce off due to its special rolling way - Oscillating. This package is very suitable for auto machine operation.

Oscillating wound banding width available

  • 1/2 inch ( ie, 12.7mm );
  • 5/8 inch ( ie, 16mm );
  • 3/4 inch ( ie, 19mm ).

For any width over 3/4 inch ( ie, 19mm ), we do not recommend to use Oscillating Wound package, but Ribbon Wound.

We make the following coil widths for Oscillating Wound banding:

  • 3 inch ( ie, 76mm );
  • 2.5 inch ( ie, 64mm ).

Inside diameter of Oscillating Wound banding: 16 inch ( ie, 406mm ).

More information about product specification, please visit stainless steel banding.